Refer and get free airtime

Myairtime referral

Thank you for helping to grow our community. From time to time, Myairtime Ltd may invite you to participate in one of their referral programs to encourage people to use Myaritime to buy airtime and pay bills. Participating in a referral program (either by referring your friends or family or signing up with a referral code) can be a great way for customers, retailers and agents to receive Myaritime credits, other discounts or earn extra money (each a "Referral Reward").

1. Who is eligible to be a referrer/inviter?

Anyone may be a referrer/inviter as long as they are a customer of Myairtime Ltd. Referrers/inviters can be any type of Myartime user; however, they cannot have more than one account for each Myartime or service.

2. Who is eligible to be a referee/invitee?

Your friends, family, and other people you know (but not yourself) may be eligible to be referees/invitees. To determine eligibility, keep in mind the following stipulations:

Eligible referees/invitees for those who order services through the Myartime channels (Web, USSD, WhatsApp, App, Web);

To receive a Referral Reward for referring someone who consumes services on Myairtime, your referee/invitee must;
(a) be a new user of that service, and
(b) complete referral activation process buy doing the first minimum transaction value on either airtime purchase or bill payment.

3. How can I use my referral code?

Myartime Ltd has the right to limit the number of times you may use or share your referral code.

Myartime Ltd wants you to share your referral code and earn Referral Rewards, but referral codes must be used only for personal and non-commercial purposes. This means that you can share your referral code only with people you know. You agree that you will not:
 1. Duplicate, sell, or transfer your referral code in any manner or make it available to the general public (such as by printing it on business cards; posting it on a coupon website, job website or using it as part of a job application, including but not limited to the following website and applications or using paid social media or paid search);
 2. Try to get referees/invitees by spamming, bulk emailing, or sending large numbers of unsolicited emails. The only people you should be emailing are people you know personally;
 3. Use automated systems or bots through any channel to distribute, post, or otherwise share your referral code;
 4. Use scripts or programmed or automatic dialers to send invites or otherwise share your referral code;
 5. Make misleading claims about Myartime Ltd, use offensive/abusive content, create fake websites/webpages/social media profiles/apps, misrepresent your connection to Myartime, or otherwise make any false or misleading statements to get a referee/invitee to use your code; or
 6. Use your referral code in any manner that violates the law or the rights of anyone else.

4. How do I earn my Referral Reward as a referrer/inviter?

As long as you and your referee/invitee follow these Rules, you should receive your Referral Reward after your referee/invitee uses your code to sign up and does their first transaction above the minimum set threshold.