Become a Retailer

Become a retailer via WhatsApp

Do you own a shop? Do you sale airtime scratchcards or are you aiming to start selling airtime? Then this is the best solution for your business! With very minimal investment required, all you need is a phone and you are good to go. You can access retailer registration on our official WhatsApp channel and folow the simple prompts to enroll.

Once enrolled you will see a menu that allows you to transact airtime for any network to your customers. You are expected to have your own means of collecting payment from customers. Since the solution is tailor made for retailers, you are expected to have a physical shop where customers come and give cash in exchange for commodities, similarly airtime should work the same way.

The exciting thing is that you will be earning commission on every sale. We shall top up the customer the requested recharge amount but deduct a value equal to the recharge amount less the discount amount. You can transact any time of the day and to whichever customer you desire. The more you transact, the more money you make.

All retailer transactions are done via WhastApp. This is made possible by our partnership with Facebook which enables us to have a channel where people can interact and consume various services.

Float topup is automated within the same WhatsApp channel from where you transact. There is a menu for float topup which is automated. Float topup is done in realtime after one follows the propmpts on the menu and authorizes the transaction via M-Pesa

Scratchcard are so outdated! Why buy scratchcards while you can go digital?

The beauty about this platform is that you maintain one float account for all service provider airtime. Once you topup your float account, you can either recharge a Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom or Equitel customer. Another upside is you topup float when you need. No need to hold up your money in cumbersome scratchcard purchases!